Project Statement

In SWIMMERS, my current piece, the separate mediums join through a physical juxtaposition and a highly interactive synergistic relationship between the two images. First, my camera records a series of split second images of a person (or boat) passing through space. These segments form a Gestalt only viewable after the continuous unedited segments are sequentially printed. The poured painting under the subject, perceived as a fluid element, supports the image above.

SWIMMERS involves the juxtaposition of a digitally printed image of a swimming dancer derived from a sequential photograph and an oil enamel and acrylic-poured painting under it. These two elements juxtapose, butting and joining through the spirit of their independent and highly complimentary aesthetic.

The project is viewable by pedestrians from the east side of the Michigan Avenue Bridge and the south bank of the Chicago River and east Wacker Drive, east of Michigan. The exhibition runs through October 2002.

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above: Swimmers details


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