The Chosen One is an interactive photographic installation consisting of 21 panels of dye sublimation images, 21 feet in diameter, 7 feet high with each panel structured by tubed aluminum. In order to view the images, one must be selected and then enter the work, go to its center and spin as the dancer had to turn in order to create the aesthetic. The Chosen One is the lead dancer in the Nijinsky ballet, "The Rite of Spring". Nijinsky was the father of conceptual avant garde dance in the 20th Century and to me, its finest choreographer. Art Beat, an arts program on PBS in Chicago, has focused on this installation work with a short interview with the artist, examining "The Nijinsky Mystique" and its continuing influence on the 21st Century artists.






The Chosen One detail

installation view, Columbia College









© 2003 Herbert Migdoll