Michigan Avenue Galleries at the Chicago Cultural Center


An experimental artist, Herbert Migdoll actively pursues his own art in various mediums. This exhibition combines Migdoll's most recent series of prints, with two of his earlier works of the faun reflect the fruitful overlap of his artistic vision with that of a resident photographer of modern and contemporary dance. Common to all his imagery is the sense of movement inherent in his aesthetics due to the passage of time encompassing one image.

Migdoll's digital prints achieve a rich painterly abstraction that is visually related to the gestural abstraction of Expressionism. Whether captured on stage or in the wings, Migdollís dancers are most suggestive of flames against the night sky, perhaps, his subjects in their costumes nearly explode before our eyes. Chance imagery and ambiguity are the result of Migdollís split-second eye and hand coordination in the creation of these diverse images. Whether depicting one, two, or more dancers, these prints capture the exuberant, dynamic gestures of lighted figures in space.

The two faun works, as well as Migdoll's portraits of the Doges, constitute prime examples of his mural-sized works that use a succession of images in space, which reflect their clear relationship to photography. This, also ,is true of his latest painted mural of a gondola passing on a Venetia canal, with the sequential imagery the basis for an almost Cubist approach. The artist combines varied toned of gold leaf as a background in some pieces to imbue his paintings with a Byzantine character, somewhat consistent with the inspiration of Venice so evident in works like the Doges' portraits that are based on photographs of architectural sculptures of these 13th-16th century Venetian leaders, located on the balcony of the Doges Palace in Venice.

Herbert Migdoll is a Chicago-based artist who also works as the Design Director of The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. Migdoll holds a degree in are from the Cooper Union, New York City, and also pursued undergraduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the University of California Berkley. His accomplishments as an artist include exhibitions in the United Stated and abroad, with participation in the100th Venice Biennale in 1995. His paintings, graphics and photographs are represented in several museums, corporate and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Ikona Gallery, Venice, Italy. He has received commissions and awards, most prominently a Fulbright fellowship in photography (1970) and a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in painting (1980).



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Doges installation view



Doges detail



Black on Silver detail



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